I am an expressive arts therapist, dancer, writer, dance/movement/body-awareness teacher, mother, wife, practical philosopher and humanitarian living and working in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Helping people to live to the fullest potential possible at any given time is my passion. I will be sharing my own journey, and offering as much of the knowledge and wisdom I have accumulated and will continue to accumulate, to the world in general through this blog. Stay-tuned for further transmissions!  🙂

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello Suzan, and people who visit this website. I’ve done four movement/dance sessions with Suzan now, together with my friends. For me it’s the best I know so far in the category where also yoga and qi gong might belong, as I tried these practices to move more freely, both purely physically and.. well, not only purely phisical. And the things we do with Suzan are not static and also not strickt. In yoga, in my experience, there are certain stances and movements to try to copy as best as possible. Which can also be good: I write it like this to show the difference. With Suzan I’m more busy with trying to figure out good ways and movements for me, beneficial for me and how my body is at that moment. So I can’t do anything wrong, and for sure she helps finding movements that feel good, she helps creating a safe atmosphere, inside and outside, so it becomes easier to tune into my body and let it move freely. I really look foreward to the sessions, as it’s also fun, and feels good, and as I do it together with friends it’s also nice to see what they do and to do some things together. And also it helps me to move whatever way I want and to feel what way that is, outside the sessions, just because it’s practice. So thank you, Suzan, see you soon!


  2. I joined the “Thousand points of light” sessions for a while and they left a great impact on me. I am not (yet?) completely in tune with my body, often have muscle aches & especially lower back pain. Suzan’s sessions helped me to see that I don’t have to follow rigid, prescribed sets of exercises to help me feel better in my body, but that listening to what feels good, moving in ways that feel good and that even something as simple as lying with my back on the ground can help me destress, and let tensions go. Through her gentle and respectful guidance i could relieve my back pain and generally feel more able to deal with everyday life. I was looking forward to every single lesson. We had to stop the lessons for a while due to external circumstances but I’m greatly looking forward to start them anew. Thank you Suzan.


    • Hey Renate and Paine, thank you for the lovely words. Where are you both now? I miss you all. So much going on with new possibilities waiting to hatch. You can send me an email direct to stay in touch. There will be new options for the Expressive Arts ateliers and for body-mind classes coming up soon; hopefully in a real dance studio type space. Warm Sunny Greetings! Suzan


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