Natural Energy Boosters

I have never been able to tolerate (very much) caffeine; it makes my heart beat wildly, my hands shake and my body feel weak and trembly. If this is true for you, or you want to get off the caffeine addiction cycle, check out this article about natural energy boosters. (Caffeine is natural too, so this should really say “non-caffeine energy boosters”.

I find springtime to be difficult in terms of energy: you’re supposed to feel so bouncy and clean; new bginnings and all of that. But what I often experience is a dragging, sluggish feeling during this transitional time. My organs and cells are confused and a bit resistant to making any changes or getting into action. In addition to some of these energy boosters, a routine of regular exercise (doesn’t have to be anything heavy; even a 15 minute walk every day helps), light & easily digested foods (raw or lightly cooked – as little refined or packaged food as possible), time for contemplation and expression (meditation, journaling, painting, dancing, working in the garden…) and plenty of rest or sleep will help you to find and maintain your balance.

~ by suzanlemont on April 17, 2011.

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