Anti-Sickness Tea (Keeps Vampires Away Too ;-)

A friend who has been ill for a week now just reminded me to include my recipe for what to use when everything else fails: good old garlic ginger tea. Easy to make, full of nature’s antibiotics and immune system boosters, works every time I’ve had to use it (which is really a last resort and I have hardly ever been so sick that I’ve needed it, but it’s done the trick each time and others report the same positive effects, so it’s worth a try for one of those endless cough/sniffles/achiness experiences). It’s so simple to make: 8-10 raw garlic cloves peeled and chopped into little pieces; a 4-10 centimeter (1-4 inches) piece of fresh ginger also peeled and cut into smallish pieces. First bring to the boil in 4-6 cups of water, then simmer for 10-15 minutes. Strain out the pieces and drink the warm “tea” several times a day. Burns like hell going down and might make you sweat and feel a rush of blood to your head or chest (then you’ll really know it’s working 🙂 ). Don’t drink more than 4 cups a day. You can adjust the amounts and add vegetable boullion or cook some carrots & potatoes and parsley along with the garlic & ginger to make a sort of super-broth and a bit more tasty. I swear it has prevented me from lapsing into pneumonia or bronchitis from a cough/cold that persisted for a week. Give it a try and let me know how it works!

~ by suzanlemont on November 11, 2011.

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