Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapies Course!

Expressive Images

First time in the Netherlands!

Introduction to Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapies Course

Intermodal expressive arts refers to the combined use of theater & storytelling, movement & dance, visual arts including photography, music, and creative writing/poetry together as a form of therapeutic support and intervention. Individual forms of art therapy such as Drama Therapy or Dance Therapy have been steadily gaining in popularity and use in many parts of the world over the past 50 years, however, intermodalexpressive arts is a newer, less known system/philosophy (it is most closely related to Creatief Therapy in the Netherlands). Using expressive arts as a way of shaping our world, to communicate deep emotion, as containment for loss & suffering and as a vehicle for transformation seems uniquely human and practically programmed into our development. Creative/expressive art therapies taps into this natural inclination through the use of metaphor, symbolism, and ritual play. It offers endless opportunities for dialogue, strengthening of personal and community awareness & growth, and provides a perfect toolkit for modern culture in the areas of educational, therapeutic and transformative practices. The expressive arts are also appropriate and effective in a great range of circumstances and situations where normal verbal skills may not be possible or appropriate (physical or emotional trauma, learning disabilities, young children etc.).

Personal Expression through Image & Fantasy

The course offers an introduction to the rationale for the use of intermodal expressive arts, and the opportunity to put the theory into practice through experiential exercises designed to provide a solid foundation of understanding of the how and why expressive arts works so well.  Areas covered include:

  • historical development of EAT
  • methods for practicing each individual expressive discipline
  • methods of integrating the discreet disciplines into individual & group sessions
  • applications of both the theory & (especially) practice of EAT in diverse settings
  • use of EAT as personal and professional developmental tool
  • introduction/discussion of current EAT research & possibilities for future research.

44 contact hours of theoretical and practical training + some reading/assignments outside of class hours. Limited spaces available.  Continuing education/academic credits may be granted.

Honors/Masters Student Workgroup in South Africa - 2011

When: 8 days over 2 months: February 4 & 5, 25 & 26, March 10 & 11, 17 & 18

Where: Two locations within walking distance of Utrecht CS

Cost: Before January 21, 2012             Private Individual = €450 (€10,23 per hour)

                                                               Instituitional Rate = €650 (€14,77 per hour)

         After   January 21, 2012            €500/€700

Who is it for?  Students in Training for Individual Creative Therapies, Psychologists, School Counselors, Therapists, Teachers (All Kinds), Nurses/Alternative Medical Practitioners, Peace-Builders, Artists, Social Workers…

*Participants must have a reasonably good command and understanding of English, as the course and materials are in that language, however artistic work may be carried out in the Mother Tongue and some Dutch translation will be available.

Opening day of 3-day training - Welcome Circle

About the Instructor: Suzan has a B.S. in Dance & Dance Therapy from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA USA and an M.A. in Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy from the European Graduate School, Sass-Fee Switzerland/Lesley University, Cambridge, MA USA  She trained with the founder of the first intermodal expressive arts therapy program in the U.S., Paolo Knill as well as other leading scholars and practitioners of EAT from the U.S, Canada & Europe.  Suzan has 29 years of teaching experience, including 10+ years at the cultural center for Utrecht University and 4 years on faculty at University College Utrecht. She’s specialized in somatic awareness/body work and performance as therapeutic intervention, is a research partner for a SANPAD project in Johannesburg South Africa, a devoted wife and mother of 2 teenage daughters, dancer, choreographer, philosopher, writer, and an independent researcher (arts in education, community arts, arts for peace-building/education) in the Netherlands.

More Information:  Suzan Lemont   06 52275873   030/289 0172

Facebook Page:

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