What the World Needs Now…

Now, more than ever before, we need the arts as a beacon of light to keep us company and help lead us out of this dark hole we’ve slid into. If we concentrate all of our resources, energy and focus only onto defensive/military spending, salries for those who make the rules and are supposed to be leading us and the bare minimum of services necessary for humanity to survive, how can we thrive? Humans are resiliant for sure, resourceful, yes, imaginative and spirited beyond any other species, but we need some soil in which to grow our roots; some sunlight, water and recognition of beauty in order to reach our full potential.  The arts are an integral part of this process NOT AN ADDED LUXURY OR AN AFTERTHOUGHT!  Now is when we need to plunge, unhesitating, full-charge ahead into the deep and swirling waters of doubt which seem to surround the issues of whether and how much to support the arts in our schools, human-care institutions, communities and businesses.  If we have no supported means of personal expression; if that support comes only in spurts and dribbles as a workshop here and there or a pale imitation of true artistic sensibilities or a thin veneer of pop idoltry, will we be able to turn the world around and head towards the “right” direction? (I say “right” because there is the notion among many of us who live by metaphor and symbolism that perhaps we need to sink to the very bottom of the dark ppol and experience a sort of death before we can rise again, stronger than before, but I prefer not to actually have to hit the rocks at the bottom of the dark pool. I can see it coming already, so why not use the tools we have, which have served humanity so well for thousands of years; why not use these tools of personal/artistic expression as a continual way of life, as a philosophical framework which provides endless opportunites for reflection, change, transformation and growth, and use them to the fullest?)  Invest in yourself, invest in the future of humanity… jump into the endless sea of artistic expression today. And if you can’t jump, then at least dip your toe in. Write a page in a journal, fill in a mandala, take a meaningful picture and caption it poetically, have a dialogue with a dream figure, seek out a poem or painting that touches you… Maybe tomorrow you can immerse your entire foot, or leg. After awhile you’ll start to feel deprived if you don’t get some personal expression time regularly.  Change is scary but this kind of change is good. Art is what has kept communities together and thriving for our entire history: not war, not capitalism/econimics, not even any single religion or belief system; only artistic expression.  I am thoroughly convinced that if each of us were to practice soem kind of artistic reflection process regularly that the world would begin to transform into a place of amazing beauty and joy, which would do much to offset the inevitable human experiences of suffering, loss and fear.  I’m the pied piper of expression… follow me, follow me… the river of joy awaits you!

~ by suzanlemont on December 28, 2011.

One Response to “What the World Needs Now…”

  1. Thank you for this reminder of the need to take time for artistic expression.


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