17 Habits of unhappy people

An excellent read for any of us who drift toward any number of these habits. I think I’ll print it out and carry it in my daybook!


By David Joel Miller

Photo courtesy of Flickr (Family O’Abé)

Are these habits keeping you miserable?

1. Keeping Secrets – covering up your mistakes

Happy people learn to admit mistakes when the make them and then try to stop making the same ones over and over. It takes way more work to cover up your faults than to admit them and change you actions.  

Keeping secrets isolates you from others and can damage relationships.

2. Trying to please others – be someone else

Spending your life trying to please others is a sure prescription for unhappiness. Trying to be someone or something you are not will keep you stuck in your misery. Learn to accept who you are and move towards who you chose to be. Make yourself happy and others will find it easier to like you. Try to please everyone and you will please no one…

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~ by suzanlemont on March 25, 2014.

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