The Teleidoscope Process: DanceArtLife Improviation Sessions


The Teleidoscope Process: DanceArtLife Improvisation Sessions

What Is It? Movement-based exploration of space, time, relationships, what influences our decisions, patterns of choice and behavior, questioning, questing, gesturing, learning to tune in, listen with all our senses, getting comfortable with disorientation, learning to look from different angles, working from the inside out and outside in, and sideways, and upside down, standing still, running around like crazy, challenging our perceptions and what we take for granted such as “is this dance or every day movement – and what’s the difference?” and “where lies my impetus to move like this, or that?” (for example). A teleidoscope is a combination of ‘telescope’ and ‘kaleidoscope’: a simple instrument made of a tube, a triangular mirror, and a marble bulb on the end. There are no moving parts – nothing extraneous needed, except what’s all around you, and if you put it to your eye and move, then everything that’s in the space around you will fragment and rearrange into the most amazing and unexpected patterns. This is what all art is about: seeing what’s around us in a new way; taking all the stuff of “normal” life and rearranging it into surprising and stimulating and beautiful material.

Who Is It For? Everyone who loves to move but doesn’t like to follow steps. Adventurers looking for a new path to explore. People who suspect they can do more with their bodies than what they are currently doing. Those not afraid to tackle the big questions in a playful and (sometimes) confronting or challenging way. Anyone who wants to have fun, go deeper, shake up their system and maybe that of everything that’s around them. Revolutionaries, or those who dream about becoming one. For anyone who wants to learn how to problem-solve from the inside out, or who knows that to change the world you begin by changing yourself. People in their heads who want to get out. No specialized dance experience necessary; only an openness and curiosity and willingness to engage every part of your total self in the process.

A “Typical” Session: Begins with a thorough and deep warm up, helping each mover to connect with inner impulses and awareness, and become adept at transitioning into outer awareness and contact. Involves solo, partner, and group work through structured (sometimes very loose and sometimes more tightly structured) exercises designed to stimulate the entire body in concert with the intuitional and thinking parts of the brain. Makes space for new thought processes, ways of being, doing and imagining. Involves dialogue. Will make you sweat. Is co-created by the whole group and not directed solely by me. Has room for rest. Provides a means of reflection through the use of other art modalities such as drawing, clay, voice and rhythm, poesis, text, theater/props, creative writing… offers containment and safety in a supportive and exciting environment. Is never the same as the one before. Reinforces the notion of everything being connected to everything else and illustrates this in a clear and embodied way.

When, Where, How Much?
11 Friday evenings, 20:00-22:00 hours
beginning March 27 and finishing June 19, 2015 (no class 24 April or 15 May)
Emma Centrum, Cremerstraat 245/247, 3532 BJ Utrecht
Sliding Scale: €99-132, you decide what you can afford – payable in 2 installments (before course begins & halfway through).
With enough full-paying participants I can offer 2 “Paying It Forward” places in the sessions (at a nominal cost of €3-4) per session. Contact me if you’re interested to be considered, know someone who could benefit from the offer, or have any other questions or concerns about finances.

Class goes on with minimum of 4 pre-registered participants. Maximum =12. If there is space you can join in after start-date of course. If enough course subscriptions are obtained before start of the course & it’s not full then drop-ins can be arranged. Contact me to arrange.

Language: Majority of each session is in English, but I speak and understand Dutch nearly fluently. Reasonable degree of understanding English helps a lot but in my experience participants are wonderful at helping each other out when something isn’t clear, and I am willing to re-phrase in Dutch or slow down descriptions/instructions to suit different levels of understanding.

Contact: Suzan Lemont – or PM on Facebook or sms/what’s app on 06 522 75873

Who I Am: Nearly 54 year old American-born intermodal (dance, visual art, theater, music, creative writing) expressive arts therapist with specialty in dance/dance therapy; mother; wife; activist; writer; seeker; dance theater maker; match-maker; improviser; the Queen of In-Between; lover of metaphor; journalist/investigator; eduational “specialist”; boat-rocker/wave-maker; star-gazer; bewonderer of the Cosmos; probably 97% human, maybe 3% “other”. I taught movement/dance/body-mind courses at Parnassos (cultural center for Utrecht University) for 10 ½ years where I also directed 3 amateur community art performances, was on the faculty of University College Utrecht in the performing arts track between 2005 and 2010 where I also facilitated 3 dance/movement orientated performance pieces. Improvisation changed my life completely! A chaotic and traumatic childhood, and the aftermath, stimulated me to learn as much as I can about restorative, healing practices and incorporate them fully into my life, and to share what I’ve learned with others. Visit my blog at to get more of an impression, or contact me via email.

Please Share/Invite friends/acquaintances to help this special offering be (re) born.

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