Thousand Points of Light: Yogilates Dance Flow Sessions

dragonphoeniximage.jpg11 x Friday evening sessions,
First one – March 27, 18:00-19:45 hours

Thousand Points of Light Yogilates Dance Flow Sessions

What is it? This spacious (1 hour 45 minutes) movement & meditation class weaves together of all the dance and body-mind connective work I’ve studied and experienced over the past 30+ years. These include: Jungian dance/active imagination, the work of Gabrielle Roth (known for 5 Rhythms, though this class is not a 5 Rhythms class), Pilates, Body Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, Kripalu Yoga, Calinetics, Dance Improvisation, T’ai Chi/Qui Gong, Dance Conditioning, Movement Medicine, various moving and sitting meditation techniques, voice and breath work, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Anna Halrpin’s LifeArt Process, Isometric Stretching and more…

What Does a “Typical Class” Look Like? I prefer the word “session” over “class” because I’m not teaching in the traditional sense of the word. People don’t come into the class as a one-way sponge to soak up whatever supposed wisdom or techniques or philosophy I might dispense; it’s a co-creation which happens in a contained and nurturing space, where I facilitate the process and offer my knowledge for adaptation and use in whatever way might be useful. No two classes are the same but I try to build in some (flexible) pillars on which I build the sessions. Each class will contain: tuning in and centering; exploration of own movement possibilities and capabilities, usually through improvisation, ecstatic dance, dance flow, etc.; dynamic stretching and strengthening in flowing sequences (no static, long-held poses); work with balance, coordination, and movement flow; awareness of breathing and spatial orientation; practical information and techniques for managing challenges such as high stress situations, ADHD, “monkey mind”, tendency to hyperventilate, injury recovery etc.; laughter and Light-heartedness; Play and Artistic Expression (might be with crayons and paper, or using visual impulses from Soul Cards, or brief stream of consciousness writing, or anything else that helps to stimulate creativity, sensory integration and increase awareness and pleasure of life).

Who Is it For? Thousand Points of Light is my phrase for people with very busy minds, where it feels like there are always 1000 points of light going off in the brain, resulting in difficulty calming down, being able to focus or relax or let go or “just be”, as many yoga and meditation courses expect participants to be able to do already or in a very short time. I acknowledge and work with whatever participants bring to the sessions: fidegeting, tension, difficulty concentrating, chatter in the head, etc. and provide lots of encouragement, acceptance and tools for working with this type of energy (which I also share – so I know how it feels from the inside). Also geared especially towards those who: are adventurous & longing for fun in their movement, a bit wary of “New Age” airy-fairy classes, cannot focus, sit still, or follow rules, want to improve their way of being in the world and how they feel in thier skins, take everything too seriously, don’t take anything seriously, are stiff, are flexible, have no dance experience, have tons of dance experience, are open to new ways of learning/being, are curious, are struggling with a chronic & debilitating illness such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or recovering from any injury or illness which prevents from attending a “normal” dance or yoga class, can understand English at least at basic level… any doubts? Contact me.

When, Where and How Much?
11 Friday Evenings – 18:00-19:45
March 27, April 3, 10, 17, May 1, 8, 22, 29, June 5, 12, 19
Emma Centrum, Kremerstraat 247, Utrecht (easily reachable by bike & car & public transportation)
Sliding Scale: €88-110, you decide what you can afford – payable in 2 installments (before course begins & halfway through).
With enough full-paying participants I can offer 2 “Paying It Forward” places in the sessions (at a nominal cost of €2-4) per session. Contact me if you’re interested to be considered or have any other questions or concerns about finances.

Class goes on with minimum of 4 pre-registered participants. Maximum =12. If there is space you can join in after start-date of course. If enough course subscriptions are obtained before start of the course & it’s not full then drop-ins can be arranged. Contact me to arrange.

Language: Majority of each session is in English, but I speak and understand Dutch nearly fluently. Reasonable degree of understanding English helps a lot but in my experience participants are wonderful at helping each other out when something isn’t clear, and I am willing to re-phrase in Dutch or slow down descriptions/instructions to suit different levels of understanding.

Contact: Suzan Lemont – or PM on Facebook or sms/what’s app on 06 522 75873

Who I Am: Nearly 54 year old American-born intermodal (dance, visual art, theater, music, creative writing) expressive arts therapist with specialty in dance/dance therapy; mother; wife; activist; writer; seeker; dance theater maker; match-maker; improviser; the Queen of In-Between; lover of metaphor; journalist/investigator; eduational “specialist”; boat-rocker/wave-maker; star-gazer; bewonderer of the Cosmos; probably 97% human, maybe 3% “other”. I taught movement/dance/body-mind courses at Parnassos (cultural center for Utrecht University) for 10 ½ years where I also directed 3 amateur community art performances, was on the faculty of University College Utrecht in the performing arts track between 2005 and 2010 where I also facilitated 3 dance/movement orientated performance pieces. A chaotic and tramatic childhood, and the aftermath, stimulated me to learn as much as I can about restorative, healing practices and incorporate them fully into my life, and to share what I’ve learned with others. Visit my blog at to get more of an impression, or contact me via email.

Please Share/Invite friends/acquaintances to help this special offering be born.


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One Response to “Thousand Points of Light: Yogilates Dance Flow Sessions”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful Yogilates Dance Flow Session of last Friday! I felt more integrated with my body and relaxed. It was fun. You are a great dance teacher with a keen eye for what students are ready for and capable of. Keep up the good work!


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